Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter-Modul für PrestaShop

Version: 1.1.25 (17.02.2023) | Kompatibilität: PrestaShop V1.5.0.0 - V8.0.1 | (120)
Es hat sich gezeigt, dass Popups eines der besten Tools sind, um die Aufmerksamkeit von Webbenutzern auf sich zu ziehen und sie dazu zu bringen, zu Ihrem PrestaShop-Shop zu wechseln. Mit diesem Popup-Modul für PrestaShop können Sie das gewünschte Banner platzieren, wenn der Benutzer eine bestimmte von Ihnen gewählte Aktion ausführt.
Create as many popups as you can imagine: like loading the page, leaving the store, or when a product is added. Announce sales, new products, etc. and show it on any page: in categories, products, manufacturers... and divided up by clients.
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Alles, was Sie in einem Popups-Modul für PrestaShop brauchen

Die Hauptfunktion eines Popups besteht darin, die Aufmerksamkeit der Kunden auf eine bestimmte Nachricht zu lenken. Mit diesem Modul können Sie nach Belieben Pop-up-Fenster mit der Botschaft erstellen, die Sie den Kunden vermitteln möchten, die Ihr Geschäft besuchen. Darüber hinaus können Sie dank der zahlreichen Optionen, die es bietet, das von Ihnen bevorzugte Design auswählen, mit der zusätzlichen Option, auszuwählen, dass das, was dem Benutzer angezeigt wird, ein Video, ein Bild, Rich-Text usw. auf der ist Speicherseite, die Sie benötigen, und sogar gemäß der vom Client ausgeführten Aktion.

Das perfekte Modul, um Ihren Newsletter mit PrestaShop zu verbinden

Die Möglichkeit, den gewünschten HTML-Inhalt in das Popup einzufügen, gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, das Abonnementformular der beliebtesten Newsletter-Verwaltungsplattformen, darunter MailChimp, Acumbamail, Sendinblue, MailerLite, Mailjet, usw., darin einzufügen.

This module is a great tool for announcing new products, discounts, warnings and even for retaining your clients. It offers you the perfect opportunity for notify your clients of significant events through a popup.
  • Infinite possibilities
As well as the typical uses of popups such as showing promotions and discount, new products, warnings, and the form to sign up for the newsletter and more, this module allows you to permit the configuration of things such as:
- Show a popup only if there is a specific product in the shopping cart
- Show a popup when a specific product is added to the cart
- Show a popup when the client tries to leave the store. You can also filter if you want to show it on all the pages or on some specific ones
- Show a popup only on certain selected pages or for certain products and categories
  • Choose the perfect moment
You can configure 3 types of popups:
- When the user accesses the page. When your client clicks onto the page the popup will be shown.
- When the client adds a product to the cart. Show your client, for example, the offers in your shop or that the shipping costs are free from a certain amount, for example.  In this way, you can increase the average amount in each cart.
- When the client tries to leave the shop (exit popup). Why not try and hang onto them with a discount code?
- When the client clicks on any element. Display a popup with additional information when customer click on any element: a title, a word, an image, etc.
  • Add the content you need
Thanks to their WYSIWYG field, you can create any content you need:
- Enriched text with the WYSIWYG text editor so that you can modify the style easily
- HTML Code. You can insert HTML content from other platforms like newsletter services (Mailchimp, Acumbamail, Sendinblue, FreshMail, E-goi, etc.), surveys, etc.
- Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
- Add images
- Add CSS to personalize your popup
  • Show the popup when and to whom you want
The popup can be shown on any page. You can configure in which categories/products/manufacturers/suppliers and for which group of clients/clients/countries/area/language the popup is shown. For example, you can show the popup only for certain selected products and only for a group of clients, or announce a sale in a category for a certain country.
  • Increase traffic conversion
Studies have shown that popups are 13 times more effective in the click generation and in the gaining of subscribers. Therefore, adding them to your shop is a fantastic way of increasing followers, obtaining more subscribers or commercializing a product or service.  The module allows you to add any subscription form of the newsletter platforms, so you will only have to generate the form on the other platform and copy it into the popup content.
  • Visibility
An obvious advantage of popups is their visibility This is the first thing the visitors see when they access your store. They catch people’s attention immediately and give you the opportunity to offer information clearly. Furthermore, the module permits the adding of timers to show it after a few seconds have passed, and also close it automatically after a set number of seconds. 
  • A single payment
The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.
  • Create a unlimited number of popups with different configurations
You can establish different content and configuration for every popup. The appearance of the popup can be personalised, at the level of content as well as design. Furthermore, thanks to the WYSIWYG field it will be very simple to edit the content.
  • Different content according to the shop language
Show a different text or image according to the language in which the client connects to the store. The module allows you to establish a different image for each one of the languages your store is in.
  • Multiple programming and activation options for the popup
Show the information at the right time and don’t annoy your clients with annoying popups  Control the frequency with which your clients see the popup. The advanced options allow the popup to be shown at the moment that is best for you:
- when a few seconds have passed after the page has loaded
- when the client has visited a certain number of pages
- when the client adds a product to the cart
- when the client tries to leave the store
You can choose between what dates you want to show to popup and configure the frequency (the time before it is shown again: every hour, every day, just once, etc.).
You can also configure the popup to close automatically after a few seconds.
  • Filter when and to whom the popup is shown
You can configure when and to whom the popup is shown through multiple filters:
- Clients subscribed or not subscribed to the newsletter
- Client
- Group of clients
- Country
- Zone
- Product
- Products in the cart (only show the popup if the client has specific products in the cart)
- Category
- Manufacturer
- Supplier
- Pages/controllers
You can combine these filters so that you can configure a popup for a group of clients for a specific product, and another different popup for another group of clients in a certain category, for example.
  • Responsive
You can create one popup that is shown on all PC, tablet and mobile devices, or create a popup for each one of the devices depending on their resolution.  In this way, you can show popups only on the PC or on mobiles, or show a different window depending on the device.
  • Popups with priority
You can configure a priority for each popup. For example, you can configure a popup for the products in one category and another popup for a specific product in that category, or a popup for the whole shop and another specific one for one group of clients. 
  • Multi-shop
You can use the module in all the stores on your multi-shop, and you can create a different configuration for each of these. 
  • Responsive and cross browser
This module is adapted for all devices: PC, tablet and mobile. It is also compatible with all browsers. 
  • Multiple effects when opening and closing the popup
You can select different effects to open and close the popup to get customer's attention.
  • Non-intrusive and Google Friendly Popups
Configure discreet and non-intrusive popups that appear on the side and do not disturb normal customer navigation through your store.
You can place the popup in any position of the window: in the corner, in the center, on the side, etc.
  • Compatible with all the themes and all other modules in your store
You can use this module with any platform you are using and it will function with any other modules you have installed in your store. If you have any problems, we will resolve them for you. 
  • Multi-language texts
All the texts on this module can be translated into the languages of the store.
  • New functions
If you need any new functions that we haven’t developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message through the “Contact the programmer” option. 
  • Always updated
We frequently addupdates to the module, to incorporate new functions and to adapt it to the latest versions of PrestaShop. 
  • We can help you with the installation and configuration 
If you have any questions, or a problem emerges during installation and configuration of the module, send us a message through the “Contact the programmer” option and we will help you.
1.1.25 (17.02.2023)
V1.5.0.0 - V8.0.1
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Great add on and friendly developer who responds to questions fast and with all infos needed. Thank you! 100% recommendation!
Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter
Prodotto eccezionale, con infinite possibilità, assistenza OVER THE TOP!!!
Popup (in entrata, uscita - exit popup, aggiungi prodotto) e Newsletter
Très facile à mettre en place. J'ai choisi de mettre un pop en tunnel de commande, favorisant le cross selling. De bons résultats !
Popup (à l'entrée, sortie - exit popup, ajout de produit) et Newsletter
Ho acquistato questo modulo e sono stato assistito molto professionalmente dall'assistenza tecnica. Sono molto competenti e disponibili alla risoluzione di eventuali problemi. Grazie ancora
Popup (in entrata, uscita - exit popup, aggiungi prodotto) e Newsletter
Perfect module. Better after sale support. 100% Top.
Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter
Good module! Simply and fast. Support: 5 stars!
Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter
Perfecto en su funcionamiento e instalación. Muy sencillo de usar y a la vez muy completo.
Popup (al entrar, salir - exit popup, añadir producto) y Newsletter
Soporte fantastico, rápido y eficaz.
Popup (al entrar, salir - exit popup, añadir producto) y Newsletter
Super module, avec plein d'option pour faire varier l'affichage. Manque deux petites choses: 1/ pouvoir dupliquer un popup ou alors pouvoir enregistrer/changer la configuration type par défaut des nouveaux popup. ...
Popup (à l'entrée, sortie - exit popup, ajout de produit) et Newsletter
A little issue, but develeoper was litespeed fast to solved my problem! I offered this great module to everyone :)
Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter
Todavía no lo he probado, pero echo en falta que no se puedan pedir más datos a los clientes y el no detallar donde se guardarian esos datos en mi prestashop
Popup (on entry, exit popup, add product) and Newsletter
¡ESPECTACULAR! Funciona de maravilla. Las posibilidades de uso son muchísimas. El módulo está bien estructurado en el back-office, y está todo muy claro. La documentación es realmente buena, con ejemplos dinámicos,...
Popup (al entrar, salir - exit popup, añadir producto) y Newsletter
excellent module pour des pop up efficaces, simple d'installion. tres satisfait
Popup (à l'entrée, sortie - exit popup, ajout de produit) et Newsletter
Excelente servicio de soporte
Popup (al entrar, salir - exit popup, añadir producto) y Newsletter

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