Manual Credit Card Processing - Offline payment

Version: 3.0.15 (13.01.2022) | Kompatibilität: PrestaShop V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6 | (106)
This payment module allows your customers to enter their credit card information on your store and let you process the data manually (offline) using your POS payment terminal.
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Accepted payment methods

If you already have a POS, take advantatge of it! Save on bank fees! Save on abusive Paypal fees! With this module you will get all the information needed to process the payment with your POS.
The module DOES NOT require a monthly fee or any other fee, you buy it once and you use it without any restrictions.
100% Secure
To make this process secure, only the first digits are saved to the database while the last digits and the security code are sent to a specific email address so that the complete credit card number is never stored on a single computer. Anyway, you can also configure to save all digits in database.
To securely transmit your customers credit card information to your site it's recommended to have a SSL certificate installed, but it's not required.
UX improved
Improve the usability of your payment form. The card type is detected automatically and the credit card data is validated against different rules to prevent expired cards or invalid card numbers. This makes your life easier – and your customers life too.
Boost your conversions
An intuitive form for your customers and an embedded payment form directly in the checkout page.
PCI Compliance
This module is compliant to your country’s local rules, regulations and requirements and takes care that if your website got compromised, an intruder would not be able to gain access to sensitive credit card details.
The first digits are stored in the database, while the last digits are sent via email to ensure that you never store the full credit card number on any computer.
You can remove all credit card information from PrestaShop after the payment has been processed.
Our guarantees
✪ We are a PrestaShop Partner agency. All our developers are certified by PrestaShop.
✔ We can customize the module or make any modifications that you may need. Contact us for a quote.
Do you have any questions or concerns? Send us a message! We will happily answer any questions.
  • Works with all credit and debit cards
  • Automatic card type detection displays the credit card logo
  • Card number validation through checksum Luhn algorithm to ensure the number is correct
  • Card expiry date validation
  • Requires the card holder name, card security code, expiration date and address (configurable)
  • Never stores complete card number on a single machine: The first digits are stored in the database and the remaining numbers are sent to one specified email address or store all digits in database (configurable) 
  • Remove the credit card information automatically when payment is finished
  • HTTPS/SSL not required
  • PCI compliance: The credit card information is encrypted in the database
  • You can look up the card information directly from the order page or from a payments grid
  • Multistore
  • Fully translatable
How does it work?
The module shows the customer a form during the payment process where they are required to enter their card details.
The information that the client enters is sent to your email or kept in a database.
You have to enter this information manually into your Point of Sale (POS) Terminal in order to receive the money. The method of entering the information is particular to each POS Terminal. For further details, please consult the manual or ask your bank. There are some banks which do not allow these kinds of transactions.
We do not sell the POS Terminal. If you wish to purchase one, please contact your bank.
3.0.15 (13.01.2022)
V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6
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Super. Genau das was ich gesucht habe!!
Manual Credit Card Processing - Offline payment
Realmente muy bueno el modulo y muy bueno el soporte, en especial el soporte. Tuve algunos problemillas con la instalación y el soporte contesto rápidamente todas mis preguntas, inclusive ellos entraron por FTP y lo s...
Pago offline/manual con tarjeta de crédito/débito
ottimo per la gestione delle transazioni pos tramite pos fisico riducendo il costo della transazione
Pagamento offline/manuale con carta di credito/debito
A great module! I've used this module on three different websites and it works like a charm. Easy to use, convenient, and customer support is wonderful as well. A great alternative to online payment processing for tho...
Manual Credit Card Processing - Offline payment
Super sympa pour éviter les frais paypal ou paybox. Facile à installer et à paramètrer.rnmerci pour ce module.
Paiement offline/manuel avec une carte de crédit/débit
Una pasada este modulo, muy util y seguro.
Pago offline/manual con tarjeta de crédito/débito
Funcionando a la primera. Buen módulo.
Pago offline/manual con tarjeta de crédito/débito
Module parfait. Il ne fait rien d'autre que ce qu'on lui demande et il le fait bien, ce qui n'est pas mal de nos jours.
Paiement offline/manuel avec une carte de crédit/débit
This product work great the first time I tried it. There was a small issue I had, the software only request the street address for credit card. I contacted the vendor and the next day I have fix the exceeded my requ...
Manual Credit Card Processing - Offline payment
Quelques difficultés d'installation mais SAV très rapide et efficace !
Paiement offline/manuel avec une carte de crédit/débit
This module was very easy to install and will be used for sure. Takes the hassle and fees away from mechants.
Manual Credit Card Processing - Offline payment

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