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Wersja: 1.3.13 (05.11.2022) | Zgodność: PrestaShop V1.4 - V8.0.0 | (34)
Module for Facebook. Share your products on your Facebook wall or on your Facebook page (fan page) from your Backoffice! Generate a greater interaction between your store and your potential customers.
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Facebook is a social network with millions of users which enables you to interact with your customers and promote your products.
  • Increase your Website traffic
Owners of Facebook pages use their pages to attract traffic to their stores. Start to post products to generate sales.
Currently, social networks are becoming increasingly important as traffic generating sources for your website. Publish a link to your products and you will see how it causes an increase in visits.
  • Promotion
Facebook enables your customers to obtain information about a new product or promotional campaign. On the other hand, when your customers share your posts about products with their friends, they generate free publicity for you.
  • Create brand loyalty (branding)
In addition to being a place to build a customer base, advertise your store and sell products, a Facebook page can help you to build brand loyalty.
If you constantly provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal.
Nowadays, people search online to find the stores they want to shop in, and, above all, they search on social networks. If your followers see you are active, they are much more inclined to share your posts than a store without a presence on Facebook or with a badly managed page.
  • Get to know and retain your customers
It is a tool that will help you to know what they like and don’t like and therefore improve your line of products.
  • Boost SEO
The more ways you can find, the better!
  • A single payment
The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.
  • Convenient and easy
Share your products on your Facebook wall or on your Fan page directly from your Backoffice. You can do this from the product list or from the product card.
  • Optimised images for Facebook
Posts with an optimised image attract more attention and are more likely to be clicked on. This module will post an image of the appropriate size so that the product can be viewed correctly.
Posting products with images and links to your page is an essential part of any Facebook content strategy.
  • Multi-shop
You can use the module in all the stores on your multi-shop, and you can create a different configuration for each of these.
There is a manual attached of how-to create a Facebook App, needed to share products to Facebook.
1.3.13 (05.11.2022)
V1.4 - V8.0.0
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Opinie klientów

While ease of installation only rates two, the developer's response to the installation problems rates 7 or 8 out of 5. Immediate response to email and he worked on it till he had it working. Very very good and overal...
Share on Social Network from the Backoffice
el modulo funciona mejor de lo esperado, al ser principiante no pude hacer una correcta configuracion, pero pedi ayuda al desarrollador y me ayudo hasta conseguir el resultado optimo, lo mejor de este modulo es que p...
Comparte en Red Social desde el Backoffice
Partage sur Réseau Social depuis le Backoffice
Ottimo , con l'ultimo aggiornamento lo hanno ancora migliorato rendendolo super-stabile e introducendo la possibilità di condividere l'articolo direttamente dalla scheda articolo del beck-end !
Condividi sui Social Network dal Backoffice
Great plugin. Works like it supposed to! Little problem with connecting to facebook, but support was really fast and provided the solution within the blink of an eye! Cor the Netherlands
Share on Social Network from the Backoffice
Funziona molto bene
Condividi sui Social Network dal Backoffice
Un'assistenza unica ed un prodotto veramente utile e semplice da utilizzare. Soddisfatto dal prodotto ma soprattutto dall'assistenza. Bravissimi
Condividi sui Social Network dal Backoffice
Soporte del desarrollador extraordinario
Comparte en Red Social desde el Backoffice
Аfter wandering in the settings of the new business manager of Facebook, everything works perfectly. The application is very practical, useful and easy to use.rnrnThanks!rnrnRegards,rnStefan Kovachev
Share on Social Network from the Backoffice

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