Cookies GDPR Law (Block Cookies) module for PrestaShop

Version: 1.5.6 (2022-11-02) | Compatibility: PrestaShop - 8.0.4 | (105)
This Cookies module (GDPR) allows you to comply with current European regulations regarding cookies in your PrestaShop store.
Module for complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and LOPD in relation to cookies. This allows you to block the installation of cookies until the client gives their permission, accepting the use and installation of cookies.
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The importance of adapting your PrestaShop store to the GDPR

One of the most important aspects to take into account when making sure that your website complies with the laws is to check that you comply with the relevant precepts to GDPR. With this module you will be able to comply with this in terms of cookies.

Cookies policy notice in PrestaShop

To comply with legal requirements you must establish a certain cookie policy notice in PrestaShop. First of all, there must be a page that provides the user with the following information: about the cookies or tracking technologies that are used in the store, about who owns the cookies and about the time that they will remain stored.

In addition, there must be a way to consent to these cookies and show the basic information in a visible way when entering a website. This is usually done through a visible banner when entering any page of the store, as this module allows.

The only module that really does what it has to do.
Full compliance with the European Cookies Law and the latest changes to the GDPR (31th Oct 2020)
This module allows your store to fully comply with the requirements of the European Cookies Law and the latest changes to the GDPR, blocking the installation of cookies until the user gives their express permission.
Take into account that the other cookies modules available on Addons, as well as the free ones, only place a warning banner, circumventing the consent of the user and permitting the installation of cookies on the user’s computer before the user gives their consent, meaning they do not comply with the law.  The consent should be given through an affirmative and positive option. Rejecting cookies should be a real option.
  • Previous, clear and explicit consent
According to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), cookies are considered personal data, which is why the consent should be free, informed, specific and unequivocal. 
A message that implicitly gives consent is not sufficient. The consent has to be clear, explicit and previous to cookie installation.
There are other modules that show the typical warning ‘Use of this website means you accept the use of cookies...’ and that install cookies automatically, but do not comply with the law. It is illogical to warn the user of the installation of cookies when they have already been installed on their computer without their consent.
  • Blocking cookies
Unlike the rest of the modules, this one allows you to block the installation of cookies until the client gives their express permission. From the module settings, you can choose which modules install cookies, and the module will automatically block the installation of cookies until the client accepts. The module includes a link to a service that will help you to identify the cookies your shop uses.
The cookies are separated into 2 levels: obligatory and third party. The client can give their consent separately for each of the levels. According to the law, the different types of cookies that the client accepts have to be differentiated.
- Obligatory cookies: They provide a secure user login and remember client data (like the shopping trolley), as well as client preferences on the site. They can also be used to avoid services that have already been provided being offered or when they have indicated in the past that they do not wish to use them. This cookies are vital for the correct operation of the shop, which is why they are the only ones installed without the onset of the client.
- Third party cookies: These allow for the sharing of pages on social media, the publishing of comments and offering the client advertising in accordance with their interests.  They compile information about their navigation habits and online behaviour.
To comply with GDPR, it is necessary to block cookies from the monitoring and analytic modules (Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, etc.), and the social media modules (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), as well as any module that installs cookies.
The clients can browse the shop and make purchases with no need to install third-party cookies.
  • Withdrawal of consent
On the other hand, the law also specifies that the client has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. The consent should be as easy to withdraw as it is to give. The module adds a link at the bottom of the page and the client account (although you can add the link anywhere on the screen), where the clients have access to their current declaration of consent at any time and can change the parameters or entirely withdraw their consent. At the moment they withdraw their consent, the cookies installed are removed and their consent is requested again.
  • Geo-localization warning
Furthermore, this is the only geo-localization module from Addons. The warning will only appear to your clients in the European Union. It is unnecessary for you to show it to clients that access it from outside the European Union.
It is necessary to have PrestaShop’s geo-localization activated or have a module with this feature.
This feature of warning and accepting of cookies is used by shops like IBM and Nike.
  • A single payment
The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.
  • Popup warning
The module shows a popup to inform your clients about the use of cookies and ask for your consent for its installation. When the client gives their consent, the module permits the installation of cookies. If the client does not give their consent, the client will be able to make a purchase entirely normally through your shop but with no third-party cookie installation, which is why the modules that use these cookies might not have all the information necessary for their correct functioning. However, the client will not see any errors.
  • Personalized texts
The module allows for the personalisation of the text that appears in the cookie acceptance warning, in which you can let your clients know which clients you use and why.
It includes a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to permit the complete personalisation of the content and style and the warning such as the font, colour and size of the letters. 
  • Multi-lingual
All of the texts are translatable into the different languages you have on your shop.
  • Multi-shop
You can use the module in all of the shops in your multi-shop, and you can configure each of them differently.
  • Link to your shop’s Cookies Policy
The module allows for you to add a CMS link where detailed information appears on the use of cookies in its shop.
  • Responsive warning
The warning popup that informs the client of the use of cookies is responsive and adapts to all window sizes.
To avoid non-compliance with the law, the warning appears in the middle o the screen so that the client can decide whether to accept the use of cookies. This is the mode used by the majority of pages that fully comply with the law, in which the cookie warning takes up the whole screen.
  • Debug mode
To help you with the configuration and so you can try the module, you can add the IP so that the module is only activated when you use the shop.
  • SEO
The module has no negative impact on SEO. When it detects that the page is being consulted by a robot of a search engine, it does not block any module of those configured.
  • Checking cookies
The module includes a link to a service that will help you to identify the cookies your shop uses. What’s more, it will also help you to check if the module is correctly configured.
  • Multi-shop 
You can use the module in all the stores on your multi-shop, and you can create a different configuration for each of these.
  • Responsive and cross browser 
This module is adapted for all devices: PC, tablet and mobile. It is also compatible with all browsers.
  • Compatible with all the themes and all other modules in your store
You can use this module with any platform you are using and it will function with any other modules you have installed in your store. If you have any problems, we will resolve them for you.
  • Multi-language texts
All the texts on this module can be translated into the languages of the store.
  • New functions 
If you need any new functions that we haven’t developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message through the “Contact the programmer” option.
  • Always updated 
We frequently add updates to the module, to incorporate new functions and to adapt it to the latest versions of PrestaShop.
  • We can help you with the installation and configuration 
If you have any questions, or a problem emerges during installation and configuration of the module, send us a message through the “Contact the programmer” option and we will help you.
1.5.6 (2022-11-02)
Compatibility - 8.0.4
Requires an external service

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Very good, does what it says.
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Aristotelis C 11/18/2021
Ottimo modulo. Funziona. L'ho testato nei dettagli. Si presta a rispettare la GDPR ed anche a legge italiana e le linee guida del garante sulla Pirvacy. Josè, lo sviluppatore risponde velocemente e trova le soluz...
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good module
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Stefan K 06/22/2021
Best customer service!
Cookies GDPR Law (Block Cookies)
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It is a very good add on! The best thing is the technical support, fast and very patient!
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Elisabetta Z 07/19/2018
Idnovate has the best service of all Prestashop Partners.
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Cookies GDPR Law (Block Cookies)
Christos D 10/04/2021
Il modulo funziona benissimo e gli sviluppatori se hai bisogno sono pronti per aiutarti e risolvono in tempi brevi eventuali personalizzazioni. Lo consiglio a tutti. Bravi
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buen modulo. El servicio de atención de Idnovate excelente y muy rápido, como siempre. Son los mejores. Gracias
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muy buen módulo
Ley de Cookies RGPD - GDPR (Bloqueo de Cookies)
Module qui répond parfaitement à mes exigences. Je recommande !
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Loi Cookies GDPR (Bloquer Cookies) - Avis de la CNIL
Assistenza veloce e competente ottimo modulo, consiglio questo venditore
Cookies Legge GDPR (Blocca Cookies)
sbriccoli p 09/13/2022
Pleinement satisfait de ce module, qui est vraiment en conformité avec le RGPD, d'ailleurs c'est le seul e, conformité, car le RGPD informe que le visiteur doit pouvoir faire des réglages des cookies et seul ce module...
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Ce module semble très bien et fait le job.
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Que recargue la página al aceptar las cookies podría mejorarse, el resto, ok.
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Le module permet une réelle implémentation du RGPD en obligeant l'utilisateur à donner ou non son consentement et en supprimant tous les cookies non-nécessaires du navigateur si l'utilisateur refuse, de plus la derniè...
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altamente configurable y muy fácil de usar, consta de un enorme repositorio de cookies ya predefinidas, funciona perfectamente y el soporte, por si hubiera alguna incidencia, es ultra rápido
Ley de Cookies RGPD - GDPR (Bloqueo de Cookies)
The module works great and the developer is very available to help solve any problems. I recommend it to everybody.
Cookies Legge GDPR (Blocca Cookies)
Pierpaolo M 05/04/2022
Perfecto el módulo. Idnovate una empresa verdaderamente seria que te ayuda en todo si tienes alguna duda.
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Fantástico módulo para aplicar la RGPD sobre el uso de cookies , consentimiento , configurar etc . Nos ha ayudado en la puesta en marcha y configuración del módulo. Felicitaros por el módulo y el servicio técnico.
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Erfreulich wäre, wenn alle verfügbaren Produkte (Module, Themes etc.) besser im deutschen Bereich integriert wären!
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Rainer A 01/05/2020
tremendamente completo y configurable
Ley de Cookies RGPD - GDPR (Bloqueo de Cookies)
Excelente módulo que cumple al 100% con la normativa para cookies, y un servicio al cliente excepcional.
Ley de Cookies RGPD - GDPR (Bloqueo de Cookies)
Très bon module de gestion des cookies. Support performant et rapide.
Loi Cookies GDPR (Bloquer Cookies) - Avis de la CNIL
Módulo muy sencillo y práctico. Recomendable 100%
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Good. It is what I expected.
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E' il migliore in circolazione, ma è un po' complicato da configurare e non è ben chiaro il procedimento di lavoro per la configurazione e gestione dei cookie.
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Parfait, très simple à paramétrer ! Je recommande.
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Das Modul hatte am Anfang einen kleinen Fehler mit der Opt-In - Option, der die Legalität des Moduls verhindert haööte. Das Problem wurde aber innerhalb von weniger als einem Tag gelöst. Der Support reagierte innerhal...
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Le module téléchargé suite à la commande n'est pas la dernière version, d'où une perte de temps importante lors de l'installation à chercher des fonctionnalités inexistantes. Heureusement, après contact du développeu...
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Parfait, comme d'habitude Idnovate est super pro et fournit un support de qualité sur ses modules
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Antonino A 06/23/2022
Perfect, fait exactement ce qui est dit de lui.
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