PrestaShop modules for Loyalty to your customers

Easily set up a loyalty program and a sponsorship system on your store to make your site sustainable!

These modules let you to reward your customers' loyalty and constantly encourage them to come back, offer a gift for your customers’ and users’ birthdays, and optimize your store’s reputation and the traffic with a referral system. This way, you save in marketing costs and let your customers be your greatest ambassadors!

Customer loyalty in an ecommerce refers to the strategy of keeping existing customers and increasing their loyalty and commitment to the brand, achieving the ultimate goal of getting them to buy again on our page. This is achieved through several points. The first of these is the creation of a satisfying and personalized shopping experience. But it is not the only thing, since, for example, it is important to offer exclusive promotions and discounts, provide excellent customer service, and maintain regular communication with customers through social networks, email or chat on the same website.

By building customer loyalty, you can gain benefits such as increased customer retention, increased recurring sales and referrals, and a competitive advantage over other online stores. Also, retaining new customers is much more affordable than getting new ones.

PrestaShop modules in idnovate to build customer loyalty

At idnovate we know how important customer retention is, that's why we make available to our customers two essential modules for this.

Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points

Module for PrestaShop Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points is a tool designed to help online store owners to retain their customers and promote recurring purchases. This module allows store owners to set up a point-based rewards system, where customers can accumulate points for every purchase they make at the store. These points can be used to get discounts on subsequent purchases.

In addition, customers can see their point balance and transaction history in their user account, which encourages them to continue shopping in the store to accumulate more points.

Shop owners can adjust the number of points awarded for each product, as well as the values to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Shipping Premium flat rate and discounts

Our module Shipping Premium flat rate and discounts for PrestaShop is a tool designed to help online store owners offer their customers a premium shipping subscription, similar to Amazon Prime. With this module, customers can pay one fee and get free or reduced shipping for the duration of their premium subscription, which can encourage customers to make more purchases and build a long-lasting loyalty relationship. A simple way to improve the relationship with customers, and that can be satisfactory for both parties, store owners and buyers.

The module offers several configuration options to adapt to the needs of each business, including the duration of the subscription, the maximum number of applicable orders, the shipping costs, the type of reduction and the configuration by zone, carrier and price range/weight.