PrestaShop modules for Business to Business (B2B)

These PrestaShop modules for B2B allow you to customize your store to specifically adapt it to the business-to-business environment.

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PrestaShop B2B Modules

At idnovate we have PrestaShop B2B modules that They will help you customize your online store and adapt it to B2B. They are all verified by PrestaShop, so they are totally reliable. In addition, the installation is included and you will not have to worry in case there are complications or you do not have the specific knowledge.

B2B Modules for PrestaShop by idnovate

In our catalog we have more than 75 modules for your online store, and these are the ones dedicated to B2B:

  • Price Increase/Discount: this module modifies the prices of the products with increases, discounts and fixed prices. This module allows you to configure any price modification you need and apply it to any product, since you can use the filters and conditions to make price changes.
  • Minimum, maximum, multiples and amount limits: allows you to indicate the minimum and maximum number of purchase units that buyers can purchase, as well as limit the customer to buying in multiples. It also limits the minimum and maximum order amount.
  • Hide or show price and deactivate the purchase: thanks to this module you will have the option of hiding the price of the products to a group of clients or to a specific country, for example. And it also gives the possibility of deactivating the purchase of the product by hiding the "Add to cart" button.
  • Show additional prices (currency, VAT, discounts): allows showing other prices on products, such as price in another currency, without taxes, wholesale price, specific price for a group of clients etc Allows you to filter the products to which to show the additional price. You can also filter which clients you want to show it to.
  • Fast order for B2B: with this module you will facilitate the purchase of your products, since you will be able to fill the cart from a single page. In addition, your customers will be able to search for products in various ways and by references.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you.