Information prior to hiring, special conditions of purchasing process and terms of the software license traded

A. Introduction

B. General and contact information

C. Processing of orders

D. Accepted payment methods

E. Product availability

F. Return policy on acquisitions of licenses of use of software products

G. License software product

A.- Introduction:

These particular conditions of the online store operated by, Innovación y Desarrollo, SCP (hereinafter: "Store") are offered as background information to the purchasing process and supplement the general terms and conditions governing the General use of the website accessible through (hereinafter the "Website").

The performance of any purchase through Store necessarily implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of access and use the website, as well as these terms and conditions, without objection or reservation of any kind.

Only you can make purchases at the store, users who have successfully completed their registration and have not been excluded from it or the website.

B. General and contact information:, Innovacion and Desarrollo, SCP is a Spanish company with VAT number: ESJ66018995 and registered in Barcelona (Spain), Avda. Via Augusta, 15-25 Sant Cugat del Vallés.

Any incidents, complaints or claims relating to purchases made in the store, there will be communicated to the email address:

Prices shown are excluding taxes.

C. Processing of orders:

Orders will be processed by the store, where the user will be informed prior to the completion of each purchase the exact amount of each of your orders.

D. Accepted payment methods:

We accept payments by card, Bizum, bank transfer, Google Pay and PayPal. All transactions are protected by SSL encryption, which guarantees both the identity of the payment organization and the confidentiality of the data.

E. Product availability:

Store shows product information available at the time to sell.

If for some reason it is not possible to provide any of the component products of an order, we will contact you. As soon as possible to inform you of this fact and proceed to refund its price.

ATTENTION: software products marketed by Store involve the acquisition of a right to use them under the terms provided in the "F. LICENSE SOFTWARE PRODUCT" section of these terms of sale.

In avoidance of misunderstandings noted that these software products are not sold, but under the transactions, if any, are made in the store, a license on the same terms shall be acquired is indicated in These terms and conditions of sale.

F. Return policy on acquisitions of licenses of use of software products:

The software products marketed by the store are not liable to be returned and will not be recoverable in any case and under any circumstances.

You understand and agree that any software product sales made through the Store will be considered final sale and may not subsequently be refunded and / or redemption.

G. License software product:

Conducting transactions software product implies the full and unreserved ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE OF USE:

G.i. Scope of application

These terms establish the conditions of the non-exclusive license to use extensions for e-commerce platforms "Magento" (hereinafter: the "Magento extensions"), "PrestaShop" (hereinafter: the "PrestaShop modules") and "WordPress" (hereinafter: the "WordPress plugins"), developed by, Innovación y Desarrollo, SCP, VAT number ESJ66018995 and registered in Barcelona (Spain), Avda. Via Augusta, 15-25 Sant Cugat del Vallés (hereinafter: ""), and marketed through the store.

These license terms are an integral and inseparable part of the terms of sale of software products marketed through the Store part.

The licensee through the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license expresses its full and unreserved acceptance thereof and which has full legal capacity to contract and not be subject to any cause of disability, and that the data provided through the corresponding form are accurate and correspond with reality being, otherwise liable for any damages to which had to answer to others.

Prices are excluding taxes.

G.ii.- Authorized Use

Through this agreement and always depending on processed through the SHOP -and actually charged by transactions, the licensee is granted a non-exclusive and perpetual use the Magento extensions and / or PrestaShop modules.

All intellectual property rights on Magento extensions, PrestaShop modules and Wordpress plugins (where appropriate by including images, photographs, animation, video, audio, music, text and other elements that are part of the Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules) and where appropriate by the documentation correspond to or its suppliers. The PrestaShop Magento extensions and modules are protected by international laws and treaties relating to property rights. Therefore, the licensee must use Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules any other material protected by intellectual property laws, unless otherwise provided under this License.

Lease or resale of Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules is prohibited. The licensee shall not lease or rent the Magento extensions PrestaShop modules nor to any third party.

The license granted by THE Store for all products is only valid once and for a single online store. The licensee only benefits from a simple license to use the downloaded Magento extensions and the PrestaShop / thirtybees Modules, which is non-exclusive, personal, global and for the entire duration of copyright. This license is valid for a single store.

In particular, the licensee shall not:

- Rent, sell, lease, assign, sublicense or transfer to third parties rights or licenses acquired from Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules.

- Transform, including translation, or perform modifications or derivative works of Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules.

This license shall automatically terminate if the licensee fails to meet the conditions set. In that case, you will be obligated to destroy all copies of any of the Magento extensions and PrestaShop modules and its components.

This license does not include other services such as:

(A) corrective maintenance in relation to problems caused by software not provided by or code, or software or code but has been modified or tampered with by personnel not belonging to; (B) corrective to problems caused by hardware not supplied by maintenance; (C) corrective to problems caused by the improper handling of Magento extensions or maintenance PrestaShop modules; (D) install, upgrade or repair of third-party software, including operating systems.

G.iii.- Liability exclusion

The PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins developed by provide functionality not provided in default installations of software for on-line "Magento" or "PrestaShop" stores. not responsible in any way for products that the licensee can be sold in its online store, which must comply with the terms and conditions of use of such software, in addition to local, state and supranational regulations that are of application. not be held responsible for any incident that may cause the use of PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins on the transactions made in the online store of the licensee and not be liable for service interruptions or drops of any kind. seller does not offer any warranty, express or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, security or reliability of PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins. not be liable for any damage, loss of data or any other damage in connection with PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins. reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw the license of PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins or any licensee who violates any of the principles governing this agreement modules. makes no guarantee that PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions or WordPress plugins meet the needs of the licensee uninterrupted, secure or error-free manner.