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Modules to Make Browsing Easier for PrestaShop

At idnovate we have a variety of PrestaShop modules to make browsing easier. We also offer modules to increase traffic, retain customers, increase conversions, etc.

With our PrestaShop modules to make browsing easier you will notice great improvements in your business.

Go through our catalog and choose the module or modules that best suit the needs of your website.

idnovate modules to make browsing easier

idnovate has a lot of modules to benefit your online store and position it among the best in the market by offering a quality service and user experience .

We tell you which are the best modules to make browsing easier.

Cookies GDPR Law (Blocks Cookies)

The RGPD Law Cookies module (Blocks Cookies) serves to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and LOPD in terms of cookies. It allows blocking the installation of cookies until the user gives his consent to accept their use and installation.

With the module you can make your store comply with the requirements of the European Cookies Law and the latest modifications of the RGPD.

What sets our module apart is that it gives the user the option to give consent before installing cookies. Many modules do not take this into account and ignore the user's consent.

As indicated by the General Data Protection Regulation, cookies are personal data and therefore, your consent must be free, informed and specific.

Hide or show products (by stock, price, geoip)

This module allows you to hide the products you offer individually or together with all flexibility and with configurable conditions.

With it you can hide products the way you choose: hide products X days after their creation date, block products and images from Google bots, redirect URLs of hidden products, hide products individually or in bulk, hide products based on a series of filters (manufacturer, category, weight, etc.) and hide according to date range, among others.

Messages anywhere

The module gives you the possibility to display messages anywhere in the online store, configuring the message you want users to see and the audience it will reach. In addition, it has the advantage that you can add effects, colors and styles to give the message more originality.

With the Messages Anywhere module you will display your messages anywhere in the store that you want, configuring it with a series of options and filters to adapt it to your needs. This module does not have any additional cost, so the payment is unique.

Among its advantages, it stands out that you can choose who will be the audience that sees it and filter the messages by client, client group, currency, language, zone or country.

Content protection

The Content Protection module will provide complete security for your virtual store, so that copycats cannot take the content or steal data or images from your website.

With the installation of the Content Protection module you will block keyboard shortcuts, thus disabling text selection, the right click of the mouse to copy images and texts, disabling screenshots, etc.

All our modules have 3 months of support and free updates. They are also verified by PrestaShop and are compatible with thirty bees.

Why buy modules to make browsing easier in idnovate?

At idnovate we develop our own modules to meet customer expectations and satisfy their needs. We are committed to accompanying you in your growth process in the digital world, for this reason, we offer you the best modules to make browsing easier. Most of our modules have an average of 5 stars. Take a look at our website to see which are the best modules and, for any questions, contact us. We will gladly assist you.