PrestaShop modules for Design & Navigation

Customize the design of your store and improve your site navigation to make your website unique, engaging and adapted to your business as well as your customer needs!

Find all the modules that make your homepage look like you want, improve your site search, create layered navigation, add a rich menu, optimize purchase funnel by simplifying the order process... Offer the best user experience to facilitate the buying process and drive growth for your business!

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Design and Navigation Modules for PrestaShop

In idnovate you can find all the features to create the home page you want, optimize searches within your store, offer navigation filters, design an attractive menu, etc. In short, you can find anything to facilitate the purchase process and reduce cart abandonment for your customers. It offers a simple and effective user experience so that buying in your store is the easiest thing in the world! On our website you will find a wide catalog of Design and Navigation modules for PrestaShop.

Design and Navigation Modules you need

With the Design and Navigation modules for PrestaShop you can customize the design and navigation of your store so that your site is unique and adapts to your products and the needs of your customers. At idnovate we know that this is very important for your website to be unique and stand out from the rest, that's why we offer you a selection of Design and Navigation modules for PrestaShop that we consider essential. Remember that this is only a selection and that within our module catalogue you can find many more.

Hide or show price and deactivate the purchase

Do you want to hide the prices of your products for a group of customers or for a specific country? This module allows you to do it. In addition, it also allows you to disable the purchase of the product (hide the "Add to cart" button) with very flexible filters.

Share and save cart - Create cart from URL

With this module you will be able to compose a link that will be able to automatically create a cart with the products and quantities that you configure. You can send it by email, share it on your social networks, send it via WhatsApp, use it in your newsletters, etc.

Customers who receive it and click on it will arrive at the checkout of your store with the cart already created with the products you had selected and will be just 1 click away from finalizing the order, where they will only need to choose the carrier and the method payment to finish the order.

Auto Change Country, Language and Currency - Geolocation

Automatically redirect your customers to their local language and/or currency based on their location. Increase the probability of purchase thanks to the appropriate presentation of content, with a language and currency familiar to them.

In short, with this module you can automatically change the store's language and/or currency according to the customer's location. The module automatically determines the visitor's geolocation and sets their local language and currency. You can configure if you want to change both the language and the currency.

Product carousel and slider

Display products anywhere in your store. You can configure which products you want to show, to which customers and where to show it. It is a very powerful module that allows you to generate cross-selling.

Quick Order for B2B - The Fast Way to Buy

This is the perfect module for those stores with many references such as parts stores, supplies, etc. although it can be used in any type of store, since it offers your customers the possibility of adding products to the cart from a single page, being able to search for products in multiple ways.

Where can I buy Design and Navigation modules for PrestaShop with total security?

From idnovate we remind you that there are endless varieties of Design and Navigation modules for PrestaShop, and that apart from those that we believe are essential to start with an online store, on our website you can find many more, such as module to hide or show products (by stock, price, geoip), or the sticky header module, cart, menu.

We offer you a wide catalog of modules for PrestaShop at an incredible price. You will only have to search for the PrestaShop module that best suits your needs and buy it.

Its installation will be quick and easy and you will soon be able to start working with it. You can also contact us at contact us and we will help you with everything you need. We will be happy to assist you.