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More than 75 PrestaShop modules exist to help you to customize your online store, increase traffic, improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty.

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Increase Traffic Modules for PrestaShop

At idnovate we have PrestaShop modules to increase traffic. All of them are verified by PrestaShop and have the installation included in your online store, so you will not have complications when installing it or have specific knowledge.

idnovate helps you with increased traffic. You only have to add the PrestaShop modules to increase traffic to your online store and you will notice improvements with your website and with your customers, since it will also improve their user experience.

Don't think twice and include idnovate's PrestaShop modules to increase traffic. You will notice that the website will improve and your sales will increase.

idnovate modules to increase traffic

We have more than 75 modules to help your store stand out, grow and obtain the highest number of sales, also offering the user an unbeatable experience.

Keep reading to find out which are the best modules to increase traffic and offer an optimal image of your online store.

Auto Image ALT Tag

With the Automatic Image ALT Tag module you will have a great impact at the SEO level of your store. This tag is also known as the ALT attribute or ALT description and is an HTML attribute that is added to image tags to provide a second choice of text to search engines.

Its great advantage is that it improves the ranking of your site, that is, it helps you obtain both explicit and implicit SEO benefits. With the alternative text you give access to people who have vision problems or find it difficult to identify an image, since it is responsible for describing the images to users. This ensures that everyone can see the web content regardless of their visual ability.

It is a single payment, so there are no additional costs.

Share on Social Network from the Backoffice

It is a module for Facebook, so that your products are shared on your profile on this social network. It helps generate greater interaction between your online store and your potential customers.

With this module you will be able to increase your web traffic, promote yourself, create brand loyalty, meet and retain your customers and improve SEO performance.

Social Network Button

If you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram this is the ideal module. Get more followers by installing this module in the store so that when users click, they are directed to your Instagram profile.

Instagram is one of the best social networks to promote and advertise your virtual store. On Instagram you can do great marketing

Google Sitelink Searchbox

Gives the possibility to redirect Google searches to your online store making it difficult for your customers to have the opportunity to click on the ads of the competition.

This way you can make it easier and simpler for your customers to reach your content.

TikTok Slider

With this module you can add videos and images from TikTok to your online store. Allows you to integrate multimedia content from any TikTok account.

TikTok has grown exponentially in recent months, becoming the most used app today.

All the modules we offer have 3 months of support, free updates, PrestaShop verification and are compatible with thirty bees.

Why buy modules to increase traffic on idnovate?

In idnovate we take care of the development of own modules to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our intention is to help you in the process of growing your website and what better way to do it than with the idnovate modules. All of them have an average of 5 stars and are not difficult to install. Take a look at our catalog to discover which modules can benefit you and make the user experience easier.

And, for any questions you may have, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer you.