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Modules for PrestaShop

The PrestaShop modules are tools that allow you to increase the functionalities of the online store. Within this tool there are modules for everything: from improving the appearance of the store to adding advanced features such as order management or stock control.

Therefore, if you feel that PrestaShop does not meet all the requirements that your business asks for, it may be time to install a module that meets your needs.

Why do you need PrestaShop modules?

As we have already mentioned, PrestaShop modules serve to improve the functionality of an online store, since they allow adding new features or improving existing ones. In this way, the platform can be customized in a very exhaustive way to better adapt it to the business and the specific needs of each client.

In this sense, PrestaShop has an official module catalog in which you can find basic features such as shipping or payment management, as well as more advanced features for the store, such as stock control or integration with ERP systems.

What features can be added with a PrestaShop module?

The PrestaShop modules allow increasing the functionality of the online store in many aspects. Some of the features that can be added are the following.

Improve the visual appearance of the store

The PrestaShop modules that allow you to change the visual appearance of the store are a good way to give your business a personal touch. These help to modify the online store design in a simple way, as well as the style of the graphic elements. In this way, visual features can be adapted to the specific needs of the client.

For example, there are modules that allow you to change the appearance of the products, the design of the home pages or the style of the menus. In addition, there are also modules to change the logo or the colours of the store.

Add advanced features to the store

If the basic features offered by PrestaShop are not enough for your business, you can use the modules to add some more advanced ones. In this way, some aspects of the online store can be improved and optimized, such as order management or stock control.

For example, there are modules that allow the store to be integrated with ERP or CRM systems, which greatly facilitates the management of the company. There are other tools to improve the purchase process, as well as advanced marketing features, such as customer segmentation or sending email campaigns.

Improve store performance

The PrestaShop modules also serve to improve the performance of the online store. It is possible to optimize some aspects of the operation of the store, such as the loading of the pages or the use of server resources.

Thus, we can find modules that allow us to compress the images of the store so that they load faster, as well as tools to cache the pages and reduce the use of server resources. There are also modules to optimize the purchase process, which allows you to improve the user experience and increase sales.

Improve PrestaShop security

Already, PrestaShop is a secure platform, but you must always keep in mind that it is an open source software. Therefore, it is important to keep the store updated and protected against possible vulnerabilities.

The PrestaShop modules are used to improve the security of the online store. Advanced security tools such as firewalls or intrusion detectors can be installed. There are also modules to back up the store and restore it in case of an attack.

Add end user features

Finally, PrestaShop modules can also be used to add features for the end user. In this way, some aspects of the user experience can be improved, such as the product search or the shopping cart.

For example, there are modules to allow the user to perform advanced searches, as well as tools to display the shopping cart on all the pages of the store. There are also modules to add social features, such as sending products through WhatsApp or integration with social networks.

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In short, PrestaShop modules serve to improve and increase the functionality of the online store. You can add basic or advanced features, optimize the user experience or modify the platform to suit the professional.

We remind you that at Idnovate we have a wide catalog of modules for PrestaShop. Everything for you to choose which is the plug-in that best suits the needs of your website.

We guarantee the installation of our modules for PrestaShop and it will not cause any type of security problem on your website.

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