PrestaShop modules for Promotions & Marketing

Boost sales thanks to the Promotions & Marketing modules!

You can easily create successful promotions on your store, add wishlists, launch flash and private sales, create newsletter campaigns, build referral and loyalty programs, send abandoned cart reminder, use contests... Find all the ways to help drive traffic and increase sales on your website!

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Promotions and Marketing Modules for PrestaShop

If your sales are not as good as you expect or you simply want to boost the sales of your website, don't think twice and get it thanks to the Promotions and Marketing modules that we offer you at idnovate.

These PrestaShop modules will allow you to give movement to your online store. Among others, you can incorporate discounts, newsletters, abandoned cart reminders, lightning sales, loyalty, affiliation, games, contests, and much more into your website. What are you waiting for?

Why do you need Promotions and Marketing modules on your website?

PrestaShop is one of the most successful content managers on the international scene, as it is easy to install, has a wide catalog of templates, is open source, and has a large selection of modules, from which you can select the ones that best suit the characteristics of the business and a community in which to consult doubts and share experiences with the platform.

In short, PrestaShop is a software designed to make available to many sectors the possibility of creating your website, growing in the digital community and, in general, increasing the sales of your business.

Thanks to its development, its simplicity and the PrestaShop modules, many needs can be covered, from design, management, SEO, payment methods or promotions and marketing.

That is why it is so important that your website has Promotions and Marketing modules, since they are one of the keys for your e-commerce to work correctly. But, what do the Promotions and Marketing modules really contribute?

Let it be noted that there are discounts on the page

When you enter a page, the promotions and discounts, apart from the welcome sign, are the key, since they inform you of the top discounts and promotional products that you will find on that web page.

For example, the module Promotions and Discounts (3x2, rebates, offers, packs) offers buyers the possibility of getting a discount, making them feel rewarded and place their trust in your store.

Build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is something very important for any e-commerce, since without them your online store will not work.

To achieve it in idnovate we have the module Loyalty Points - Points and rewards program, which will allow you to create a points program to build a lasting relationship and loyalty with your customers. Your customers will accumulate loyalty points with their orders that they can later use as a discount on their next purchases.

Control stock

The module Stock Alert - Product Notice with new stock helps the store staff to have under control the available stock of the same.

This module allows both the owner and the customers to know the number of products available at all times through a completely personalized design.

Cart reminder

With the module Cart reminder - Popup with content, you can remind your customers what they currently have in the cart, which will mean fewer abandonments.

Betting on newsletters to increase traffic to the page

Newsletters offer the possibility of sending brand clients a selection of promotions and news in order to arouse the interest of the audience.

The module Popup on entry, exit, add product and newsletter is a great tool to announce news, discounts, notices and even to retain your customers. It offers you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers about all significant events through a popup.

Complete your online store with the best PrestaShop modules

If you have an online store and want to complete or improve the services you offer to your customers, don't hesitate to get one of our PrestaShop promotions and marketing modules. With them, you will have a series of added features that will improve the customer experience or your internal management of the online store, to save you time and money.

Remember that in idnovate we also have a much greater variety of PrestaShop modules, so you can choose all you need. All because we want to give you the greatest facilities for your online store and with all the security possible on the market.

If you need more information about our PrestaShop modules you can contact idnovate and our team of PrestaShop experts will assist you as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you.