PrestaShop modules for Payment

Thanks to the Payment modules, offer secured payment suited to your customers: payment by card or wallet, prepayment, installment payment, collect on delivery, in-store payment...

Wherever you are in the world, find a wide range of payment options to fulfill customer needs!

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Payment Modules for PrestaShop

If you have or are thinking of having a web store or e-commerce, and you use PrestaShop, you should know how important it is to have good modules installed of Payment in PrestaShop.

Therefore, having various payment methods available in your e-commerce, that are easy and functional, is essential. What are you waiting for to incorporate Payment modules in your e-commerce? At idnovate we have a wide variety of payment modules so you can choose the ones that best suit you and your online business.

PrestaShop payment modules that you need

The payment methods are the modes of purchase through the monetary system offered by an online sales platform such as the PrestaShop stores.

These forms of payment must meet a fundamental requirement: generate trust in users. And it is that in online stores it happens as in physical ones, when we enter we want to feel safe. Otherwise, we will leave without having made the purchase, both in a physical store and in an ecommerce.

At idnovate, we offer you Payment modules for PrestaShop that you need for your online store. In our extensive catalog of payment modules for PrestaShop, you can find a wide variety of them, but from idnovate we highlight the following:

Cash on delivery payment module with commission

The module Cash on delivery refund with commission will increase your sales, offsetting the cost of shipping, imputing a commission to the customer.

It is the ideal solution for customers who do not trust buying online, which makes it the most downloaded payment module for PrestaShop. More than 15,000 people have downloaded it and have rated it almost 5 stars.

Redsys card payment module

The module Payment with Redsys card allows your customers to offer payment by card (debit and/or credit) in your store through the Redsys payment gateway.

Currently, Redsys is the leader in customer-focused payment services in Spain and the vast majority of banking entities present in Spanish territory are Redsys partners, thus offering Redsys Virtual POS to their customers

The module adapts to the new European PSD2 regulations, including double authentication, offering greater security in card payments.

We use this module ourselves in our own store!

PayPal's payment module (with commission)

The module of PayPal Plus (with commission, card payment, ...), offers your customers the possibility of accepting PayPal payments. These payments may have an additional commission. In addition, it allows you to have multiple additional payment options to PayPal (credit card, payments in 3 installments, Sofort, etc.).

Nowadays, PayPal is one of the payment methods most used by users who buy online, so it is essential to have this PayPal module in your online store.

In addition, PayPal is a secure payment method, with fraud detection, agile and fast.

We use this module ourselves in our own store!

Bizum payment module

The module of Payment by Bizum - Mobile payment (with surcharges and discounts), offers your customers an instant, easy and secure way to pay with their mobile.

Bizum has already become something every day among customers, and now you can also incorporate it as a payment method in your store. It is a payment system designed for everyone that works from one bank account to another and is integrated into your bank's app.

We use this module ourselves in our own store!

Where can I buy Payment modules for PrestaShop with total security?

From idnovate we remind you that there are endless varieties of Payment modules for PrestaShop, and that apart from those that we believe are essential to start with an online store, on our website you can find many more, such as Payment modules by bank transfer, or payment modules with PayPal.

We offer you a wide catalog of modules for PrestaShop at an incredible price. You will only have to search for the PrestaShop module that best suits your needs and buy it.

Its installation will be quick and easy and you will soon be able to start working with it. You can also contact us at contact us and we will help you with everything you need. We will be happy to assist you.