PrestaShop modules for Shipping & Logistics

Optimize your ecommerce website’s conversions by offering delivery suited to your customers!

Discover modules that simplify logistics and help you prepare your orders, manage stock, suppliers and shipping carriers. Offer your customers new solutions for order delivery such as in-store pick up and collection points, configure delivery costs or allow your customers to choose delivery date and track parcels.

Shipping and Logistics Modules for PrestaShop

PrestaShop includes functionalities that allow transportation management so that the end customer can choose between different alternatives in terms of delivery time and shipping costs. But many times these functionalities fall short and do not allow you to manage the transport that your client needs.

In general, one of the key points of any online store is logistics. Like any CMS for e-commerce, PrestaShop also includes basic management of the package shipping process, although its configuration possibilities may be too basic for most businesses. To improve the logistics system in PrestaShop, it is possible to install various modules that will increase the customization capabilities of shipments. From idnovate we analyse the most recommended Shipping and Logistics modules for PrestaShop.

Why do you need Shipping and Logistics modules for PrestaShop in your ecommerce?

The PrestaShop modules are new features that help you improve your store online. Some are absolutely necessary if you want to start a serious business, and are usually included in module packages, but there are others that may not be given as much attention or have not been thoroughly examined, such as modules Shipping and Logistics. However, they are very useful for certain purposes.

The management of shipments and the distribution of products is a fundamental area from the moment the user has completed their purchase. To deal with the procedures that are triggered after the purchase of the product, it is always convenient to automate certain tasks or make the customer experience more comfortable.

There are different types of modules in PrestaShop that can be used for your online store. Taking into account that the functions of PrestaShop are limited in terms of the customization of shipping methods, the calculation of shipping costs according to carrier, product weight, etc., it will always be convenient to use one of these tools to improve the experience of the user. From idnovate we offer you two examples:

Premium Shipping Flat Rate and Shipping Discounts

With this module you will be able to offer your customers a flat premium shipping rate. With it, you will be able to add an unlimited number of configurations and define them by group of clients, carrier, zone and range of prices and weights.

Thanks to the "Flat Rate - Premium Delivery" module you can offer your customers a premium shipping subscription, just like Amazon Prime and the main e-commerce websites. Your customers will pay a fee and get free or reduced shipping for the duration of their premium subscription. In addition to earning additional income, you will be able to build a long and lasting loyalty relationship with your customers.


With this module you can offer your customers the service of the leading carrier in Spain. Simplify the management of your shipments and automate tasks such as communication to Seur, label printing, tracking, etc.

With the Seur module you will be able to connect your eCommerce business with Seur, in a fast, efficient, flexible, safe and easy way.

Complete your online store with the best PrestaShop modules

If you have an online store and want to complete or improve the services you offer to your customers, don't hesitate to get one of our Shipping and Logistics PrestaShop modules. With them, you will have a series of added features that will improve the customer experience or your internal management of the online store, to save you time and money.

Remember that at idnovate we also have a much greater variety of PrestaShop modules, so you can choose the one you need. All because we want to give you the greatest facilities for your online store and with all the security possible on the market.

If you need more information about our PrestaShop modules you can contact idnovate and our team of PrestaShop experts will assist you as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you.