PrestaShop modules for Security

Improve the security of your e-commerce site and manage your site access in just a few clicks.

Security Modules for PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a powerful open source e-commerce solution that helps you sell online by providing everything you need to create your own online store. But with great power comes great responsibility, and PrestaShop is no exception.

What are PrestaShop Security modules?

The Security modules are PrestaShop extensions that can be installed to increase the security of any online store.

A wide variety of Security modules are available, which can be used to protect a store against a variety of threats, from information theft to DDoS attacks.

Security modules are very important for any project in PrestaShop, since there are a large number of websites using PrestaShop, they become a very attractive target for cybercriminals.

If you are concerned about avoiding problems related to attacks, installing a suitable security module is the best way to protect your PrestaShop online store against these threats.

Why have Security modules in your e-commerce?

There is no doubt that e-commerce has gained prominence in the last decade. This has stimulated the emergence of multiple marketplace platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and OpenCart.

However, PrestaShop is still in the lead in many countries because it is an open source project. As we have mentioned, this popularity can translate into attacks.

For this reason, in addition to following all the traditional IT security strategies, at idnovate we recommend you install Security modules on your PrestaShop platform. These extensions will automatically improve the traditional security systems of your store and will avoid complications in the future.

How to protect my PrestaShop store with Security modules?

Installing a security module is the best way to protect your PrestaShop store. The Security modules are responsible for monitoring and analyzing all aspects related to security in real time, which allows you to rest easy knowing that your store is constantly being monitored.

Security modules are also helpful in detecting any issues at an early stage, which means you can fix the issue before it becomes a real threat to your store. In summary, installing a security module is the best way to protect your PrestaShop store against any type of threat.

Today there is a wide variety of Security modules, which means that you can always find the right one to cover the specific needs of your store. Here are some ideas.

Use of SSL

From idnovate we recommend you to start the Green Padlock SSL security module - Mixed Content over HTTPS error. This will help you protect communications between your store and your users' computers.

The SSL protocol uses a type of encryption that is based on the generation of a pair of unique keys. In this way, a third party can be prevented from accessing the connection and stealing the data of a transaction. This module will allow you to take advantage of this technology in a simple way in your store.

Protect your content

The name of this module is not too impressive, but behind it is one of the best PrestaShop protection modules.

We are talking about Security module Content protection - secure your store, which will allow you to prevent other people from stealing the text or images of your ecommerce. This will protect you against plagiarism and other similar attacks.

Thus, your store will be proof of copy - paste that can penalize you both in terms of Google and SEO.

Buy modules safely at idnovate

In the online store at idnovate we have a wide selection of security modules for PrestaShop. Among them you will find everything you need to protect your store from attacks and computer problems.

If you have any questions about our products, contact us at contact us and we will be happy to resolve any of your questions. We are at your disposal to help you improve the services of your website.