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More than 75 PrestaShop modules exist to help you to customize your online store, increase traffic, improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty.

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Modules to Optimize Conversions for PrestaShop

At idnovate we have an extensive catalog of PrestaShop modules to optimize conversions. We offer modules to build customer loyalty, modules to optimize traffic and modules to optimize conversions, among others.

Increasing conversions is very simple. You just have to add PrestaShop modules to your online store to optimize your sales. And it is that in addition, the PrestaShop modules not only focus on increasing conversions, they also improve traffic and conversations and build customer loyalty.

Our variety is wide so you can choose the module or modules that best suit the needs of your website.

idnovate modules to optimize conversions

idnovate has more than 75 modules to make your online store stand out and be among the best, as well as offering an optimal user experience.

Here we tell you which are the best modules to optimize conversions and how they work.

WhatsApp to optimize conversions

With the WhatsApp module we have you can chat with your customers. WhatsApp is the most used messaging application, so implementing it in your online store is essential. Thanks to this application, you will be able to build stronger relationships with your customers, helping them with their purchases in real time.

In idnovate we install the WhatsApp module and you will have the latest updates for free. It is validated by PrestaShop.

Round prices to optimize conversions

With this module that we offer at idnovate you can round off the price of your products avoiding cents. In this way, your orders and invoices will have an exact amount. Thanks to this neuromarketing technique, your sales will optimize.

The module gives the possibility of rounding by currency, category, weight, stock, etc.

In idnovate we install the module for free. In addition, it is verified by PrestaShop.

Stock alerts to optimize conversions

In the event that a product is out of stock, this module offers users to subscribe to it so that they will receive an email notification when it becomes available again. Thanks to stock alerts, you favor the optimize in your sales. In addition, the module allows you to see how many customers are interested in the products and identify which ones are in greatest demand to replace them as soon as possible.

In idnovate, both installation and updates are free. The quality is verified by PrestaShop.

Seur to optimize conversions

Now you can connect your online store with Seur without any problem. You will do it quickly, safely and easily.

Seur is the leading transport service in Spain. With this option you will optimize sales and customer confidence by working with a brand as recognized as Seur.

The features of the module: Seur is informed of the shipment automatically or manually, there is a tracking of shipments, the integration with any form of payment on delivery, the possibility of displaying the language spoken by the client, the compatibility with all browsers and an adaptive and responsive design.

Crazy Egg to add conversions

The idnovate module for Crazy Egg allows you to see which visitors click through and browse your store. With it you will be able to see what the users who visit your page do, if they scroll down, where they usually stop, which are the pages where they click the most, etc. It is a module that is reminiscent of X-ray glasses, since you can observe everything the clients do. This will help improve those parts where users leave your website or don't spend as much time.

At idnovate we take care of installing the module for you for free. As for the updates, you can download them for free.

At idnovate we are certified by PrestaShop and our modules are among the best.

Why buy modules to optimize conversions in idnovate?

At idnovate we take care of developing our own modules to satisfy the needs of our clients. We want to accompany you in your growth process in the digital world and that is why we offer you the best modules to optimize conversions. Most of our modules have an average of 5 stars. Go through our catalog to see which ones are right for you and, if you have any questions, you can get in contact with our team.