How do I change the contact info in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the most used applications when creating an online store, as well as being perfect for SMEs. In its administration panel you can configure everything related to products, taxes, shipping, etc.

Bizum modules for PrestaShop

Bizum is one of the payment methods that has grown the most lately and is one of the most used in Spain. This payment method is easy, fast and secure. And at idnovate we have several Bizum modules for PrestaShop that will allow you to offer your customers this payment method. Do you want to know the characteristics of these modules?

How to install a module in PrestaShop?

If you have just started working with PrestaShop, and you have doubts about its use, despite the fact that it is a very easy and intuitive program. Don't worry, because at idnovate we are going to teach you step by step, how to install a module in PrestaShop, so that you can start making your first steps in the system. Read on and we'll help you become a PrestaShop expert. What are you waiting for?

What are the payment modules in PrestaShop that you need?

If you have, or are thinking of having a web store or e-commerce, hosted in the PrestaShop CMS, you should know how important it is to have some good payment modules installed in PrestaShop. If you wonder why you need them or why they are so important, it is because you don't know that since the COVID-19 pandemic came into our lives, the increase in sales through channels online has grown considerably. And that our country has been one of the countries that has most noticed this increase in sales, since it has positioned itself as the third country, worldwide, where online sales have grown the most.

Marketing pricing strategies

Marketing pricing strategies are made to get the most benefit by applying a fair price to your products for you and your customers. These vary over time, the fluctuation of the market, the different times and the economic situation of the population. Since a final price cannot be maintained forever, prices must be set according to strategies adapted to the moment, product or clientele. Below we explain the bases to be successful.

Why do the prices ends in 99?

Surely you have noticed that most prices end at 99 euro cents, regardless of whether it is a physical store or online. It is a psychological pricing strategy that exerts strong pressure on the customer's purchase decision, since it leaves him thinking about the price he is spending and, in his mind, due to that missing cent, it will always be less. If you are thinking of applying it in your store, do not hesitate. You should. And we are going to continue explaining why, other types of additional pricing techniques and the best way to do it.

The best PrestaShop modules

Addons or PrestaShop modules are essential in almost any e-commerce. It is no longer that they contribute to improving performance or adding new features to a website, but rather they extend the standard functionality that PrestaShop has in a user-friendly way. What's the downside of PrestaShop modules? That there are thousands of modules available on the market and you may not be sure which one is the most suitable for you. We will try to get you out of doubt! Are you ready?

What are modules and why use them in my store?

Do you know what a PrestaShop "addon" or "module" is and all the advantages that this type of software can bring to your e-commerce? The modules have a wide range of functions and customization options that will amaze anyone who has an online store. That's why, if you already have your online store, surely you know the term "module" and if we don't, we'll tell you what modules are and why you should use them in your online store.