PrestaShop modules for Social networks

Easily build a community around your PrestaShop store!

The social network modules help increase your store awareness by promoting your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... You can also boost conversions by increasing user registrations (Social Connect & Social Login) or by offering coupons to your community.

Social Network Modules for PrestaShop

The importance of social networks for the dissemination of your PrestaShop store is becoming more important every day. More and more users access stores from social networks. Along with this, people give more and more importance to what other users say in them.

That is why it is more than necessary that your PrestaShop website has several Social Network modules.

Social media modules for your website

People spend a lot of time looking at news and sharing it, so if we offer a good product and advertise it on social networks, we can make it sell much better; obtaining a greater reception in it and even new clients.

So being present under the main social networks is very effective to indicate to our subscribers/followers what new products we are offering.

Types of Social Media modules you need on your website

The Social Network modules improve the presence of your store on the networks and give visibility to your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... They also increase your sales by facilitating the creation of a customer account (login integrated with social networks) or offering discount vouchers to your followers. At idnovate we offer you different types of Social Network modules for PrestaShop, so that your store has the best features.

Share on Social Network from the Backoffice

With this module to share on the Facebook social network the products of your PrestaShop store, it will make it easier for you to publish your products on Facebook. That way it will help users to interact with the products.

TikTok Pixel: Track the impact of your TikTok ads

With this TikTok for Ads allows you to place a pixel, which is a small piece of code, on your website to help you find new customers, optimize your campaigns and measure the performance of your ads. Plus, you'll be able to track website visitor actions like "View Page" or "Buy" and create audience segments to re-engage previous site visitors or role model to find new customers.

Social Network Button - Increase Followers

This Instagram module displays a button in your store for your Instagram profile. With this button you can take your customers to your Instagram profile, thus increasing your Instagram followers and improving your engagement.

TikTok Slider: Display TikTok videos in your store

With this TikTok module you will be able to enter the most popular application at the moment. Over the last few months the number of TikTok users has grown exponentially, and if you want to keep moving like your users do, you have to include the new feeds. With this module you will be able to integrate videos from any TikTok account or TikTok hashtag in your store.

Buy modules safely at idnovate

We remind you that at idnovate we have a wide catalog of modules for PrestaShop. Everything for you to choose which module best suits the needs of your website.

We assure you that the installation of any of our modules for PrestaShop will not cause any type of security problem on your website.

Get in contact with us and we will help you with everything you need. We will be happy to help you improve the services of your website.