PrestaShop modules for Price Management

Easily manage your catalog’s product prices!

With these modules, give dynamic pricing for your customizable products, mass manage the prices of your product versions, display two prices (excluding tax and tax included), etc. Mass modifying prices has never been easier!

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Price Management Modules for PrestaShop

If you have an e-commerce or are going to have one soon, you should know that having price management modules in PrestaShop is essential. Since with the Price Management modules you will be able to show a dynamic price in your customizable products, manage the prices of your block combinations, show a double price, etc.

What are the Price Management modules?

In general, the modules are operational options that allow PrestaShop to be even more complete and obtain more functions and integrations to tools that are essential in the management of an e-commerce.

Among these modules, there is integration with payment tools, with marketing automation systems, metrics monitoring solutions, and many more. Remember that you have a wide variety of modules for PrestaShop in the online catalog of modules in idnovate.

In the specific case of the price management modules, you should know that these are very important for your e-commerce or online store, since they will allow you to modify the prices in block of your store in an easy and simple way.

How do the Price Management modules for PrestaShop help you?

In idnovate you will find a wide catalog of price management modules for PrestaShop, so you can choose the ones that best suit you and your online store.

Modify prices

We have the module Price increase/discount by group or category, which allows you to modify the prices of products with increases, discounts, quantity discounts and fixed prices. The objective is that you forget the limitations and use the filters and conditions to apply the price changes in bulk or individually.

Define minimum and maximum purchases

Also the module of Minimum, maximum, multiples and amount limits, to define a minimum and/or maximum of purchase units, in addition to establishing multiples in the quantities. In addition, it also allows you to limit the total, both minimum and maximum, of the amount of the orders.

Round prices

At idnovate we also have the module for Round prices (5ct, 10ct, .99, .95, Swiss, etc...). It will help you to round up the price of your products, shipping costs and the total of the cart. Avoid cents in the prices of your store, even if you apply a specific price or a discount coupon. Thus, your orders and invoices will always have exact amounts.

Calculate shipping costs

With the price management module of Shipping without cart/discount rules you can forget about the big problem of PrestaShop not calculating the shipping costs correctly when there is a discount in the cart. With this module that you can find in idnovate, PrestaShop will calculate the correct rate of shipping costs.

With this module you can calculate the rate based on the final amount paid by the customer, that is, the amount of the products minus the applied discounts.

Show additional prices

The module that Show additional prices (currency, VAT, discounts) will allow you to display additional prices in all places where the product price is displayed such as the product page or in the listings.

You can show the price in another currency, without taxes, for a certain group of clients, the wholesale (purchase) price, etc.

Furthermore, the prices will change automatically when the combination is changed in the product sheet, thus, when choosing a combination with an impact on the price, the prices that will be displayed will adapt to the price of the combination and are updated dynamically.

Buy modules safely at idnovate

We remind you that at idnovate we have a wide catalog of modules for PrestaShop. Everything for you to choose which module best suits the needs of your website.

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