Black Friday began to be celebrated in the United States, but today this shopping day has spread to practically the entire world.

The Friday after Thanksgiving (which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November) a very special day takes place in practically half the world, a day where consumerism becomes the protagonist. Millions of people fill the malls, stores offer huge discounts to attract customers, internet pages crash and break sales records... It is already known worldwide as Black Friday.

In Spain, the Black Friday Boom arrived in 2012 thanks to the German chain MediaMarkt. Initially it seemed frivolous and the reception was not very enthusiastic. However, in 2013, large companies such as El Corte Inglés or Amazon also joined this consumer trend. Since then, more and more shops and department stores have joined the initiative by offering deep discounts to shoppers.

From idnovate we want to help you prepare your store for this special date, proposing the modules for PrestaShop that best suit Black Friday.

Modules to manage prices and to create promotions and discounts

For Black Friday your customers expect to find reduced prices, discounted products and interesting promotions. And for them we have 2 modules that will allow you to create practically any promotion you need: Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs) and Price increase/discount by group, category... With these modules you will create interesting promotions such as 3x2, discount on the 2nd unit, buy a product from a category and get discount in another, discount from a number of units, etc. These 2 modules provide you with almost endless functionalities.

A basic point of business is not to lose money. And so that you can correctly adjust the shipping costs taking into account the discounts applied, you can use this module: Shipping costs without cart rules/discounts. With this module, the shipping costs are calculated in relation to the final price paid by the customer, and not by the total amount of the products, without taking into account the discounts applied, as PrestaShop does. And you can prevent your customers from accumulating discounts with the module Discount Rules not cumulative with other discounts: allows a cart rule not to apply an additional discount to a product with a specific price.

And if you have a significant number of sales outside your country, this other module is also very interesting: Same price after taxes (products and shipping). This module allows you to sell a product at the same price between different countries, regardless of the VAT applied. The module recalculates the tax base so that the final price is the same by applying the VAT of the corresponding country. For example, you can sell a product at the same final price in both Spain and France, where the VAT applied is different.

Modules to communicate promotions to your customers

And applying a good promotion is just as important as communicating it to the customer. If the customer does not know that there is a discount in your store, they will not take advantage of it and you will not encourage them to buy.

For this we have several modules that can be very useful. For example, you can show a popup with a banner when the customer arrives at your store with the module Popup when entering, exiting, adding product and newsletter. Or also show a popup in the promoted products, in some categories, etc. Or if you prefer, with the module Messages anywhere you can also display a message anywhere on the page, without opening as a popup.

In addition, if you send a newsletter, publish on social networks, or write a blog, with the module Share and save cart - Create cart from URL you can redirect your customers to the checkout page with the selected product(s) already added to the cart, so they can buy them with just 1 click.

Another problem you may run into if you receive a lot of sales is out of stock. In this case we recommend the module Stock Alerts - Notice of Products With New Stock with which you can notify your customers by email when you have replaced it, and also, if you are interested, offer them a discount.

And if what you need is to show different blocks with a selection of products on the home page, grouping the products by type, by type of discount, selected products, etc. and display them as a slider or mosaic, with the module Carousel and product slider you can do it.