Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)

Version: 2.1.42 (05/06/2022) | Compatibility: PrestaShop V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6 | (242)
Increase your benefits. Offer your clients attractive discounts! Increase your conversions with effective promotions that promote sales! Increase your ticket by purchasing more items to get more discounts!
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Promotional campaigns produce a positive psychological effect by rewarding purchases. Offering purchasers the opportunity to get a discount makes the consumer feel rewarded and gives them confidence in your store.
Convert visitors into clients
Incentivise your client’s first purchase with a special discount or free shipping on their first order, for example. Break the psychological barrier of mistrust and lack of awareness between the client and your store.
Stimulate repeat purchases
Use the information in your clients account to find out what clients want. Create special offers based on the order history of clients who have fallen in love with your store and return regularly. Offer a product pack promotion, combining the star products from your store with less popular products to increase the amount in the shopping basket.
Create individual promotions that benefit regular clients
Provide exclusive offers to your clients to show them that they are even more special to you. Today, this is essential to obtain client loyalty.
Offer discounts based on client order history
Specify the number of sales or the number of orders in the conditions.  That way you can have offers like “10% discount for clients who have made 2 or more orders” or “discount of €100 for clients who have made orders worth over €5.000 in the last 6 months”. This will motivate clients to return regularly to your store and make more orders so that they receive a greater discount.
Increase client loyalty
You can offer discounts only to clients who have made more than a certain number of purchases or that have spent more than a specific amount on previous purchases.  
Increase your average ticket
Offer your clients a discount if their shopping basket goes over a certain amount, if they buy a product from a selected category, etc. This way, your clients will spend more to get the discount!
Selling expensive items more effectively
You have the opportunity to sell more expensive items with a discount if the client buys an additional product. People like to buy more things for less money :)
Save money by offering discounts
You can exclude items with a specific price from your discounts. Those items are already discounted as much as possible, so you can configure the discount rules to exclude them and so you don’t lose money.
Seasonal and special event promotions
Have your best campaigns on special dates, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, Sales, Back to school, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year, St Patrick’s Day, for example.
Promote special content on your site
Take advantage of this module to promote the less popular items in your store or out of season items that you want to remove from your stock.. Offer a special discount for those items to attract your clients.
Create and show promotional banners on your product pages
Inform your clients about special promotions with attractive banners and messages. You can place these anywhere on your page, such as the home page, the product file, the category page, the shopping basket, etc.
Show the discount breakdown
The discounts applied are a cost factor when considering whether to complete the purchase or not (as well as whether or not to return to the store :-). So the discounts breakdown should be shown in a way that makes it easy to understand, as the clients want to be sure that they are getting all the discounts they have been promised.  
Choose the basis for discounts
You can define the price chosen as the basis for the discount: the price followed by previous discounts or the price of the original item.
100% compatible with virtual items
The module is 100% compatible with virtual items. So if your store has virtual items you can use all the functionalities.
A single payment
The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.
The definitive module for configuring promotions in your store. Configure any discount! You can create almost any promotion imaginable!If you have any questions about whether you can configure the promotion you need, send us a message and we can help you.   
Elevate your store to another level with price and promotion offers! This module is what you need to achieve this.
Create any discount with the cheapest and most expensive items. Forexample, you can create rules like "Buy one, and get the cheapest (or the most expensive) one free”, “Buy 4 items, and get the most expensive one at 50% discount”, etc.
Discount the price of any item to a fixed value. Put a fixed price on items and get promotions like “Buy one shirt and get another for only 10€” or “All socks for only 5€!"
Create promotions like "a 30% discount for every second item (the 2nd, the 4th, the 6th)” or "get every third item (the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th) free”. You can make offers like: "Get one out of every five items free", "Buy 3 items from a specific category and get one of them with a 50% discount”.
Create promotions like "Buy 3, 4, 5, etc. items at their normal price and, from then onwards, each item for €50 or with a 20% discount". You can configure it so that the most expensive items are charged at normal price and the cheaper items qualify for a discount, or vice versa. You can limit the number of elements to discount. You can create rules like "Buy 2 books at the normal price and get 2 more at 50% discount” or “Buy 3 bags at the normal price and any additional ones for 100€".
Create promotions like "Buy 3 items at the normal price and get a discount for every second extra item (or 3rd, or 4th, etc.) that you buy.
Increase sales of items by cross-selling. Motivate your clients to buy more! Create attractive promotions using offers with additional items at fixed prices, with discounts or free of charge. Configure promotions like "Buy X and get a percentage discount, fixed discount or fixed price on Y", or create offers like "Buy three shirts and get 50% discount on a tie", "Buy 2 pairs of trousers and get a belt for only 5€!" or "Buy 3 nail polishes and get a lipstick absolutely free!".
Evolving discount rules. You can specify the quantity of free or discounted items like"Buy X and get N at Y with a percentage discount, fixed discount or at a fixed price” to create offers like "Buy a dress and get 2 bags at 60% discount", "Buy a kettle and get 10 cups for 10€" or "Buy a pair of shoes and get 3 free pairs of socks”.
Configure attractive promotions like:
  • Buy a coat and get 30% discount on a hat.
  • Buy a coat at normal price, or buy 2 at 30% discount.
  • Add a pair of trousers to the shopping basket and choose any belt for only €25.
  • Promotion “MxN”. Buy 9 items and get 3 free of charge (9x6).
  • Promotion “MxN”. Buy 8 items and get 2 free (4x2).
  • Promotion “MxN” only for selected categories. Buy 12 items and get 3 free (4x3).
  • Buy 2 shirts and get any tie for 10€.
  • Prices by quantity: Buy 1 unit for €100, if you buy 2, €90 each.
  • Spend over €250 on category A items and get 10% discount on category Y. 
  • Buy 2 or more items from category X and get 10% discount on items from category Y.
  • Buy 4 items from the selected categories and get free shipping. 
  • Spend over 500€ on selected categories and get free shipping.
  • Get 100€ discount if you have accumulated €1,000 in purchases during the last 3 months.
  • 10% discount for clients that have previously made more than three orders.
  • Get 20% discount every 3 items.  
  • Get 10% discount on the 2 most expensive items.  
  • Get 20% discount on the 3 cheapest items.
  • A discount of 5€ for all clients registered before January 2016.
  • Buy 3 and get the cheapest one (or the most expensive one) free, buy 6 and get the 2 cheapest items (or the most expensive ones) free. 
  • All items in category X for €10.
  • Buy 2 books and get a third book free (or with a 40%, 50% etc. discount).
  • A €10 discount for every €50 spent over €500. If you spend €550, €10 discount. If you spend €600, €20 discount. 
  • Pack of items: Buy items X, Y and Z with a 25% discount.
  • Pack of items: Buy items X, Y and Z at a fixed price.
You can combine all the conditions that you need to create the promotion that best adapts to your requirements. The number of options is unlimited.
You can use the module in all the stores on your multi-shop, and you can create a different configuration for each of these. 
Responsive and cross browser
This module is adapted for all devices: PC, tablet and mobile. It is also compatible with all browsers. 
Compatible with all the themes and all other modules in your store
You can use this module with any platform you are using and it will function with any other modules you have installed in your store. If you have any problems, we will resolve them for you. 
Multi-language texts
All the texts on this module can be translated into the languages of the store.
New functions
If you need any new functions that we haven’t developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message through the “Contact the programmer” option. 
Always updated
We frequently add updates to the module, to incorporate new functions and to adapt it to the latest versions of PrestaShop. 
We can help you with the installation and configuration If you have any questions, or a problem emerges during installation and configuration of the module, send us a message through the “Contact the programmer” option and we will help you.
2.1.42 (05/06/2022)
V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6
Requires an external service

Customer Reviews

Great module that does what it says. Very easy to configure and it works brilliantly!
Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)
They have been very helpful, and now I'm finally able to make discounts I want. Thank you Idnovate!
Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)
After 7 years using PrestaShop I finally found the best and more complete discount module. This module allows you to choose any discount that you can imagine, so customizable and the support is top 1
Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)
Support was very quick from the developer and helpful
Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)
Un Modulo davvero completo e funzionale, permette un altissimo livello di personalizzazione delle tue promozioni, irraggiungibile con le configurazioni base di Prestashop. Una caratteristica fondamentale è la possibil...
Promozioni e sconti (3x2, sconti, offerte, packs)
Un módulo muy completo con una atención por parte del desarrollador, rápida e impecable. Cuando escribes con algún problema, el interés que muestran para resolverlo y la implicación para darte ayuda es inmejorable. Si...
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)
Module très complet pour gérer tout type de promotions et facile à paramétrer.
Promotions et réductions (3x2, rabais, offres, packs)
Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten her, dadurch ist es flexibel und vieles machbar. Die Doku beschreibt zwar nur wie es zu installieren ist aber nicht wie was gemacht werden kann, bei den Unmengen an Möglichkeiten auch schwi...
Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs)
Je viens de l'installer mais il a l'air d'offrir beaoucp plus de possibilités pour mettre en place des promotions, il est simple à installer et le support est très réactif.
Promotions et réductions (3x2, rabais, offres, packs)
De 10 tanto módulo como soporte
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)
Mancano alcune opzioni nel manuale d'istruzioni. Ad esempio: compri 3 e il meno caro è in regalo. Non semplicissimo da impostare. Ottima assistenza, sono subito pronti a risolvere eventuali problemi.
Promozioni e sconti (3x2, sconti, offerte, packs)
La verdad es que ha sido super fácil y rápido en cuanto la instalación. También he de decir, que cuando hice consultas, fueron muy rápidos en contestar y explicar todo. Muy contento ya que he podido hacer promocione...
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)
Module très bien fait et très pratique pour proposer de nouveaux types de réductions. L'équipe est très professionnelle pour vous aider à configurer le module, je recommande.
Promotions et réductions (3x2, rabais, offres, packs)
Modulo fantastico, si risparmia un sacco di tempo e permette di creare promozioni semplici e complesse. Jose del supporto è super-reattivo per risolvere qualsiasi problema.
Promozioni e sconti (3x2, sconti, offerte, packs)
El módulo es una herramienta, potente y super robusta. Tiene un alcanza extraordinario y estamos muy contentos con la cantidad de variantes que hemos logrado para nuestra tienda. A su vez, el desarrollador ha sido una...
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)
Module très complet, il permet de faire à peu près tout ce qu'il est possible d'imaginer en matière de ristourne. Petit souci à l'installation dû à une incompatibilité de version, mais très vite résolu grâce au sup...
Promotions et réductions (3x2, rabais, offres, packs)
Hemos solicitado soporte y han sido muy rápidos y han solucionado el problema.
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)
Super module, rien à dire.
Promotions et réductions (3x2, rabais, offres, packs)
Completo di ogni opzione, non manca nulla.. Supporto clienti molto rapido, Super !
Promozioni e sconti (3x2, sconti, offerte, packs)
Modulo perfetto per creare delle promozioni diverse dal classico sconto specifico su un prodotto. Il supporto del programmatore IDNOVATE è eccellente e super efficace. Avevo bisogno di risolvere un "problema" di con...
Promozioni e sconti (3x2, sconti, offerte, packs)
Good module. Well developed. excellent after-sales assistance.
Promociones y descuentos (3x2, rebajas, ofertas, packs)

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