Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points

Version: 2.0.27 (01/13/2022) | Compatibility: PrestaShop V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6 | (40)
Do you need a module to increase the recurring purchases? Do you want to increase your customers' loyalty? Do you want to sell more? Reward your customers with points for their purchases with the "Loyalty Program" module.
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This module allows you to create a points program to build a lasting relationship and loyalty with your customers. Your customers will accumulate loyalty points with their orders that they can use later as a discount on their next purchases.
  • Increase customer loyalty
Increase the number of orders motivating your customers to make purchases to earn points - the more purchases they make, the more points they earn! This module will help you to turn your visitors into loyal and profitable customers.
This will be one more reason to buy in your shop and not in the one of the competition!
  • Increases order recurrence
You can set an expiration date on points earned by customers: if they don't use them for a few days, they expire, they lose them! For example, you can configure that the points have an expiration date of 6 months; your customers will have to make a purchase before 6 months in order not to lose their points! 
Of course you can also configure that the points never expire, as you prefer ;)
  • Use the points to sell the products you are most interested in
You can assign points per product, so you can define a different ratio. For example you can set a ratio of "1 € = 1 point" for the best-selling products and award with the double of points with a ratio of "1 € = 2 points" for those products you are interested in promoting. Customers will receive more points (more discount on their next purchases) on those products you choose! 
You can even assign a different ratio of points depending on the customer group. This way you can reward your best customers with more points.
  • A single payment
The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.
  • Points and discounts visible throughout the store
The module shows the points obtained with each product and with the purchase: in the list of products, in the category page, in the cart, in the checkout, etc. The customer will always know how many points he is going to get and how much discount he is going to accumulate with his purchase!
In addition, the customer will be able to exchange his points for a discount from his customer area, but also from the checkout just before placing the order. Avoid cart abandonments!
  • Different ratio of points depending on multiple filters
You can define a ratio of points for each product, category, manufacturer, etc. 
You can assign a higher points ratio to those seasonal products that you need to sell, or to those that have more margin, etc. The module allows you to configure different sales strategies according to your needs.
You can also define different ratios according to the amount of the cart. For example, if the customer orders less than 100€, the ratio is "1€ = 1 loyalty point" but if the amount of the cart is more than 100€, double points! "1€ = 2 loyalty points".
It also allows you to offer more points to your best customers or to a specific group of customers such as B2B, for example, by assigning a different ratio of points to a group of customers.
  • Expiration of points
Add an expiration date to the points to encourage the customer to use them earlier in a set time interval. Make the customer make a purchase again with the discount obtained with their points!
  • Configurable discount coupon
Define all the parameters of the voucher: validity, minimum amount of the order to be able to use it, whether partial use is allowed, in which categories it can be used, etc.
  • Check Loyalty points from the customer account
Your customers can track their current points balance. All points and transactions are displayed on their account area.
  • Check Loyalty points from the backoffice
You can view all customer point transactions from the backoffice. You will have all the information available to know how many points each customer has.
  • Loyalty Point Management from the backoffice
In addition, from the backoffice you can add or remove loyalty points to your customers. In this way you can make some adjustments in case it is necessary or reward your customer for any error.

  • Import the points from the PrestaShop "Loyalty" (Customer loyalty and rewards) module
If you are using the PrestaShop's "Loyalty" module and you do not want to lose the accumulated points, the module allows you to import the generated points so that your customers can continue using them. 

  • Multi-shop
You can use the module in all the stores on your multi-shop, and you can create a different configuration for each of these.
  • Responsive and cross browser
This module is adapted for all devices: PC, tablet and mobile. It is also compatible with all browsers.
  • Compatible with all the themes and all other modules in your store
You can use this module with any platform you are using and it will function with any other modules you have installed in your store. If you have any problems, we will resolve them for you.
  • Multi-language texts
All the texts on this module can be translated into the languages of the store.
Do you like receiving points when you make a purchase? Do you refuse a discount when you pay? Well, so your customers are just like you.
  • Discounts on purchases
Your customers will be able to exchange points earned on their purchases for discounts. When they hesitate to buy in your shop or in the competitor's, they will buy in yours because they have a discount from previous purchases and they will also accumulate points for the next one!
It's a Win-Win: you win, your customer wins ;)
2.0.27 (01/13/2022)
V1.4.0.1 - V1.7.8.6
Requires an external service

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Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points
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Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points
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Loyalty Program - Reward and loyalty points
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