The best PrestaShop modules

Addons or PrestaShop modules are essential in almost any e-commerce. It is no longer that they contribute to improving performance or adding new features to a website, but rather they extend the standard functionality that PrestaShop has in a user-friendly way.

What's the downside of PrestaShop modules? That there are thousands of modules available on the market and you may not be sure which one is the most suitable for you. We will try to get you out of doubt! Are you ready?

Why install PrestaShop modules

Before starting with the gist of the matter, we are going to try to define what a PrestaShop module is and why we believe that PrestaShop modules are necessary in your e-commerce.

A PrestaShop module is a plugin for an e-commerce created on the PrestaShop CMS platform. They are also known as extensions, widgets or addons. These plugins allow you to add additional features to your online store, which are not included in PrestaShop by default. They are useful to customize your e-commerce, but they also improve the shopping experience of your customers, so they are all advantages.

The PrestaShop modules make a difference in an e-commerce. Some help you increase sales, others improve web usability, and others allow you to connect third-party tools to your online store... The truth is that there are hundreds of options. How to choose the best? Therein lies the key. We keep telling you.

What are the best PrestaShop modules?

With all of the above, we can say that the most complicated thing about installing a module in PrestaShop is choosing the addon you want. There are so many that it is often confusing and we need recommendations to select and install the best ones. In addition, many of them are paid, so it is necessary to think carefully before buying or investing in a PrestaShop module.

So, if you ask us which are the best PrestaShop modules for your online store, we will answer that those that are really useful to you and which you can take advantage of.

Even so, we bring you a selection of the best PrestaShop modules and those that we believe are essential in an online store.

Cookie Law Module in PrestaShop

Some plugins will help your online store comply with all mandatory legal provisions, such as the cookie and advertising notice. To save you the trouble of configuring it, you also have modules that configure it for you, and that allow you to customize the message, where it appears on the page, the size... On our website you will find the module Cookies developed by our team.

Payment module with Bizum in PrestaShop

Bizum has become an everyday thing among customers, and now you can also integrate it as a payment method in your store. The use of Bizum for payments in stores, both physical and online, is spreading. Bizum is a completely secure solution that combines two-factor authentication and compliance with the European PSD2 Payment Directive. On our website we have the module Bizum for these functionalities.

Card payment module in PrestaShop

Although if there is a form of payment that continues to beat the rest, it is the card payment. The Redsys module for PrestaShop allows you to activate the Click to Pay function so that customers can reuse the card for future purchases in your store. On the response page, a popup will appear for the client to decide if they want to save the data of the used tag.

PrestaShop modules to improve your product pages

The appearance of your e-commerce is of utmost importance to the user, but it also has to include complete and valuable content. With the Product Carousel and Slider module you will have an advanced tool to display a range of personalized products practically anywhere in your e-commerce.

PrestaShop Modules for Social Networks

The Social Media Modules for PrestaShop allow you to multitask. For example, the Instagram module for PrestaShop displays a buy button for your Instagram profile. With this button, you can move customers to your Instagram profile, which will increase their Instagram followers and also improve their engagement. Or for example, the module Share on Social Network from the Backoffice for PrestaShop helps you to share your products on your wall or on your Facebook page directly from the Backoffice. You can do it from the list of products or from the product file.

PrestaShop modules for SEO

There is no need to mention the importance of SEO positioning in your online store. Therefore, some SEO modules for PrestaShop allow you to create ALT Tags automatic image. The use of ALT tags in your product images has a great impact on the SEO of your store. This one, in particular, automatically fills in the ALT tag when it's empty, to improve the SEO of your store.

PrestaShop Newsletter Modules

This Popup module for PrestaShop is a great tool to announce new products, discounts, reviews and even to build customer loyalty by encouraging them to join your Newsletter. This module gives you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers about all important events through a popup window.

This is just a selection, but there are many more! From modules to round prices, link your store with an online chat, data protection... Any functionality that you think is necessary for an e-commerce in PrestaShop, surely we have a module for it.

Of course, what you should keep in mind is that each website requires different modules, depending on your sales strategy, the design and the software tools you use. That's why there is no mandatory list of modules for PrestaShop: the best PrestaShop modules will be the ones that suit your needs.

Go through our website and choose the modules for your PrestaShop online store. Contact us if you have doubts about which one to choose!

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