What are modules and why use them in my store?

Do you know what a PrestaShop "addon" or "module" is and all the advantages that this type of software can bring to your e-commerce? The modules have a wide range of functions and customization options that will amaze anyone who has an online store.

That's why, if you already have your online store, surely you know the term "module" and if we don't, we'll tell you what modules are and why you should use them in your online store.

What are modules?

Modules are add-ons that install features for the basic version of a piece of software. In other words, they are like little programs designed to perform specific tasks or to provide more customization than the default.

These plugins provide additional functions in the following fields:

  • Customization of the displayed content.
  • Performing additional tasks.
  • Connection with other tools (API).

For example, the PrestaShop software is used by more than 200,000 stores worldwide. And while all of these stores are e-commerce at their core, they use the software in different ways.

The design of this CMS meets this need, so there is some flexibility. Therefore, instead of creating a program that is too heavy to please everyone, there are modules.

Why use modules in your online store?

As I mentioned before, there are valid modules for every type of online store you can imagine. And since there are hundreds of companies of all kinds on the Internet, there is also a large number of specialized modules or add-ons to perform a certain task or function. That is why, in order to make PrestaShop and other e-commerce platforms as competitive as possible, we can find some modules created for countless tasks.

Usability modules

To add forms, add buttons in certain places, more attractive galleries or to adapt to facilitate responsive design on mobile. The user experience in an online store is key to demonstrating trust in users and that they decide to buy.

Security and performance modules

To keep viruses and spam at bay, protect your users and their data, and improve the speed of your page. There is nothing like having your data in a safe place, especially that of your clients.

Interface customization modules

To change the structure of your website, display products differently, or add design options that are more attractive to users. With these tools, you can modify any visual aspect: from the banner on the home page to the content of the menu bar, even inserting a video on your product page.

Management task modules

There are many modules in this category due to the number of tasks and activities that business activities entail. For example, do you want to reward customers when they make a purchase, but have trouble keeping track of who buys what? Do you want to remind your visitors that they left products in their cart and did not complete the purchase?

The modules for managing your e-commerce take care of this. In addition, to all those who buy, you can reward them with a discount on their next purchase, so that over time they become regular customers and, therefore, loyal customers. These are just some examples of the many additional functions that a management module can provide to a company or an organization.

SEO and marketing modules

Positioning optimizers, statistics, advertising banners, reviews... are just some examples of what a module for SEO and marketing allows you to do.

When you start an online store, you want your product pages to get as much traffic as possible. This, which seems like a utopia, can become a reality if you work on referencing your website. PrestaShop and other e-commerce platforms offer many features that help you improve some of the hundreds of factors that affect your organic ranking.

Modules to connect other tools or platforms

Modules to connect with PayPal, Facebook, Mailchimp... They all have their own modules to manage applications from your e-commerce.

Once you have your online store up and running, you will need to turn to different software and service providers. For example, regardless of the payment method you accept, you'll need a POS payment processor to handle the actual cash exchange.

How to choose modules for your online store

It is very important to choose the right modules for each page because it is key to the organization and design of the online store.

What we always look for with the use of modules is that they follow a good web architecture approach and promote handling with an intuitive and natural user experience.

At idnovate we always look for the best way to organize the different modules in each case. We take into account the different requirements of each client to guide the use of modules to users and favor conversion and sales, as well as facilitate your work in your online store.

Think no more, digitization is the future and having an online store will ensure you capture more traffic apart from what you already have in your physical store. The advantages of having an online store are endless: geographical expansion, product inventory control, shipments to the entire peninsula, digitization... Without a doubt, the modules are the best option to design your online store.

In idnovate we are an e-commerce agency specialized in PrestaShop Modules, thirty bees, Magento and WordPress/WooCommerce. Whatever your CMS, we have the perfect module for you.

The module development is our main focus. We can develop all the functionalities you need. We are also experts in integrating with payment gateways and service providers. Always following development standards, guidelines and best practices.

Get in contact with us if you want more information.