Bizum modules for PrestaShop

Bizum modules for PrestaShop

At idnovate we offer several Bizum modules for PrestaShop to help you with your store. These modules allow your customers to make the easy and secure payment of their orders and thus improve the experience. Many of our clients are already using one of those modules!

What is Bizum?

Bizum is an instant, easy and secure payment service that, in addition to sending, requesting and receiving money between individuals, also allows you to make payments in online stores.

To make online payments through Bizum, you only have to select the payment method "Pay with Bizum", enter the phone number and validate the purchase.

Bizum has more than 20.5 million users and more than 33,500 e-businesses already offer Bizum as a payment method.

Bizum modules by idnovate

Bizum - Mobile payment (with surcharges and discounts) and REDSYS Payment card ( Bizum, clicktopay, returns)

Bizum is the best option to pay with your mobile instantly, safely and easily.

Don't worry about its use, since it is a completely secure application that has a double validation factor, in addition to complying with the European PSD2 payment directive.

It is a great option to incorporate as a payment method in your store, since Bizum has become the most used among customers, with Bizum users being the most active in digital banking and online purchases.

Bizum is integrated into the Redsys payment platform, so if you already have a Redsys virtual POS to make card payments, you won't need to hire a new terminal.

These modules also incorporate controls to avoid payments without an order or ghost orders: when the customer makes the payment and the order is not generated. This version identifies timeouts and errors in online notification and prevents a payment from remaining pending without generating an order.

It also has a series of filters that allow you to configure in which countries to display the payment method, as well as restrict it for a group of customers, for some products, for some selected carriers and even for a range of order amount.

CECA Virtual POS card payment and returns (and Bizum)

The CECA POS card payment module also incorporates the Bizum payment method. In addition, as with the modules for the Redsys platform, if you already have a CECA virtual POS to make card payments, you will not need to hire a new terminal, you can add this payment method.

In addition, this module also includes the management of returns from the store's backoffice, as well as support for multi-stores and for any currency.

It is adapted to the PSD2 regulations and the CECA security requirements.

Why buy Bizum modules for PrestaShop at idnovate?

At idnovate we develop our own modules to meet the expectations of our customers, as well as their needs. We are committed to accompanying you throughout your growth in the digital world and, for this, we offer you the best Bizum modules for PrestaShop that are on the digital market.

All our modules have an average of 5 stars. Visit our website to see which modules suit you best and, for any questions, contact with us.

Thanks to our modules for PrestaShop, you will notice improvements in the performance of your website, as well as an increase in sales. Take a look at our catalog and discover all the Bizum modules we offer: to increase traffic, increase conversions, build customer loyalty, etc.